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  • Corporate Receptionists
  • Corporate Hostesses
  • Executive Assistants
  • Front office Staff
  • Business Assistant
  • Reception Concierge
Placement For:

Office Buildings | Banks | Hotels | Restaurants | Malls | Upscale Properties | Hospitals | Show Rooms | Events | Exhibitions | Government Bodies | Law Firms | Retail | Private Members Club and Large Corporations

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Business is all about Image!

Just about every organization has a receptionist as the first point of contact. Their role could be merely a guardian, a patrol designed to control the crowd in the lobby. Other times, a receptionist can transform the entire image of the business through interacting with visitors. If the receptionist greets just 100 people a day, that’s 30,000 people a year. Isn't worth to invest in a good receptionist to transform all of those interactions into something spectacular? In other words, instead of hiring the cheapest person, or sticking with the existing person because it’s easier, what if you invested in a truly remarkable experience that will create the right image you want for your business?

Fame Reception Management is the No.1 provider of 5-star Reception Concierge for Buildings and Offices in Middle East.


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Fame is the first and only company providing fully trained well polished receptionists placement in the Middle East. Since 2006 we’ve acted as ambassadors for some of the UAE’s most prestigious companies and buildings. in order to help business to hire the right receptionist in Dubai we created a database consist of former hotel employees, first class cabin crew, executive personal assistants, as well as models and hostesses with various hospitality background; Which ensures your company will receive an exceptional ‘Visitors Experience’. Our Receptionists are trained in-house by top hospitality academy to provide outstanding customer service with a “5-star hotel” style meet and greet services. Our receptionists are well groomed for the job and constantly evaluated.

Our Candidates are:

  • Professional
  • Polished
  • Helpful
  • Dedicated
  • Hospitable
  • Charming
  • Warm
Our services includes:

  • Reception Management
  • Switchboard Services
  • Corporate Helpdesk
  • PAs & EAs Recruitment
  • Meeting Room Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Uniform Design and Branding
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The Difference – No detail is overlooked because first impressions count. Your reception will run like a five star hotel. Your meeting rooms will be immaculate, your switchboard will run like clockwork and your guests will notice the difference. The Support – Finding an experienced replacement cover for holidays, sickness and emergencies is never a problem. Our people are trained to the highest standards; they can drop in at short notice.

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When guests speak about the impeccable services they received, it reflects positively on your company. This starts with the smiles we bring to every single phone call.

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Our receptionists have a positive attitude and they enjoy communicating with people

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The art of our service is anticipating the needs of your guests even before they do. This saves time – possibly the most precious asset they have

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Our staff are multi lingual and multi talented, they can welcome and interact with your guest in any language. Let us handle the language protocol.

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The brand builder in your lobby

Your receptionist has a unique opportunity to build your brand, each and every day.

Think for a moment about the last visit you made to an office. Any office — a supplier, a client, your dentist, your cable company. What was your first impression after you introduced yourself at the reception desk? Did the receptionist seem happy to see you, or were you clearly just another interruption in his or her day?

Our receptionists are trained to make your clients or visitors feel welcomed every time they visit your company, as if they are visiting a top 5star hotel or the home of a good friend, by using their name, making reference to their last visit , interacting with your visitors to make them feel important to the company.

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We create remarkable experiences for your guests, this begins with the ability of our corporate hostess to meet and host your visitors whenever they are in town to do business with you, making them feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Organizing an important meeting, leading negotiations, signing a new contract, or hosting collaborators, our executive host can make your visitors feels welcome and ready to do business with you.

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Training & Development

Our dynamic training management team all have a background in front house operations for some of the finest five-star hotels and high profile corporations, giving you access to unrivalled expertise.

We achieve excellence by using our very own industry leading training programmes and award winning e-learning platforms

Every Fame receptionist is a graduate of the ‘Fame 5-star’ in-house training programme.

Some of Our in-house training courses includes:

  • Being a company ambassador
  • Reception Management – appreciating excellent customer service
  • 5 star Customer service training
  • Helpdesk management
  • Image and Grooming
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